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Meet Our Family

Here are pictures of our family - 7 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandsons! Some of our children do not live nearby so unfortunately they are not always in our family pictures.

Wonder Woman Barb
Popeye Dude


Zoe with Holly

Sandra and Bib

Jeff and Landy

Megan and Michael

Debbie, Connie, Andie, Steve

Tyler, Landen, Erinn

Bib and Sandra

Pat, Julie, Jeff, Clarke, Allison

On vacation

Dude, Zoe, Julie, Bib, Sandra

Our dog, Holly

Family Party - aunts, uncles and more

Megan, Julie

Pat, Jeff

Carter, Asher, Landen with Santa

Zoe, Sandra,"baby"

Bob's fish pond

Megan, Barb, Connie, Bob, Zoe, Julie, Bib, Michael, Stephen

Sandra and Bob

Julie, Dude

On a cruise

Bob and Kevin