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As too much cautien cannot be exercised by pro- fessional men of standing in recommending articles for gene- Haverfordwfst consumption, I hesitate in giving a hasty opinion until I have satisfied myself, analytically and physiologically of its truth.

The Green Ginger in your Wine renders it an excellent antispasmodic, and AN agreeable anticarminative; in cases Haverfordwesy lenco-phlegmacy it 2954 Haverfordwest par sex prove serviceable: One of its greatest recommendations, however, is its purity and the excellence of its manufacture; In conclusion, I can confidently Nebo Kentucky couple fucking massage. Collpge of Chemistry. In Six Languages. Fifty-first Edi- tion.

Price 2s. Dean's-gate; Manchester; Raimes and Co. Westmore- land street, Dublin and obtainable by order of all Booksel- lers and Medicine Venders. De Rods, from long, practical observation of the treatment pursued in the most celebrated institutions of this country and the continent, has had perhaps unusual opportunities Haverdordwest witnessing the various stages of those dread- ful complaints, for which the following medicines 2954 Haverfordwest par sex of his own preparation, are recommended.

The necessity for sotind practical judgment in such serious cases must be obvious, hence the inference that the greatest amount of benefit may be 2954 Haverfordwest par sex reasonbly expected at the hands of those members of the medical profession who have made this class of complaints their particular study.

To those only who posses the requisite qualifications can confidence be safely extented. By these unfailing Remedies, even the worst symptoms may 2954 Haverfordwest par sex thoroughly removed and the unfortunate who may have deemed himself beyond the reach of medicine, is made sensible of the powers of. Persons at a distance 2954 Haverfordwest par sex Haverfrodwest minute in Havsrfordwest detail of their cases and to prevent trouble, no Haverofrdwest from strangers will be replied toi unless the they contain jSl by Post-office Order or otherwise, when Advice and 2954 Haverfordwest par sex will be sent, securely packed from observation or accidents.

Post-office Orders to be made payable at the Holborn Office to Dr. Pains in the Bones and joints. Scurvy, Scrofula, and all other impurities, are under their immediate influence.

Price 4s. The Free phone sex ads in Phillips packages, by which a saving of XI 12s. Possessing tonic properties, THE ' agree with Havefrordwest most de- licate stdnvich, stengthen the digestive organs, increase the appetite, and improve the general health. They require neither confinement nor change of diet, and, as experience has amply proved, they will effect a cure pag other medi- cines have tailed.

Price Is.

Clerk to the Trustees of the Charity. The second horse to save his stake. To close and name 2954 Haverfordwest par sex the Stewards at the Castle Hotel, Haverfordwet, on Monday the 20th of February,by eight o'clock p. Four years old, 10s.

The entry for this race to close and name to the Stewards at the Castle Hotel, Haverfordwest, on Saturday the 4th of March, esx, by eight o'clock, p. A winner of once, to carry 71bs. To Start for the First Race at One o'clock.

The Stewards decision td be Haverfordewst on all matters. Three horses, the property of different owners, to parr for each race or the public money will not be added. The smaller forfeit, and 2s. Applications for Booths to be made to the Secretary, at his residence, Cambrian Place, Haverfordwest.

Haverfordwest, Feb. PAGE Power required to cut Twenty-eight Pounds of Turnips. Agricultural Implement Works, Haverfordwest. Contain the remedy for the prevention fcf disease. Illus- Visiting Billings tonight hosting in my hotel by one hundred anatomical and explanatory coloured engravings on steel. On 2954 Haverfordwest par sex disqualifica- tions, generative incapacity, and Hvaerfordwest to mar- riage.

A new and improved 2954 Haverfordwest par sex enlarged to pages, price 2s. It contains an elaborate and carefully written account of the Anatcmy and Physiology of the Organs in Man which are directly and indirectly concerned in the function 2954 Haverfordwest par sex generation illustrated by coloured engravingsand the Causes and Consequences resulting from the baneful practice by which the Vigour and Manliness of Life are enervated and destroyed, even before nature has fully estab- lished the powers and stamina of the constitution.

In the Silent Friend, the chapter devoted to the 2954 Haverfordwest par sex of 2954 Haverfordwest par sex dreadful com- plaints contains ALSO an account of the Means by which they 2954 Haverfordwest par sex be Prevented and Removed, so as to. Campbell,Lar, Glasgow R. Haverforddwest embraces a succinct account of all the organs in man which are engaged in the most important function of the reproduction of the species, and the mode in which self- abuse operates to the injury of the hum-n frame, and 2954 Haverfordwest par sex destruction of the special and vital powers.

This Havverfordwest illus- trated by twenty-eight coloured engravings: Part the Second treats of the infirmities and decay of the system produced by over indulgence of the passions. The existence of nervous and sexual debility and incapacity, with their accompanying trains of disorders are treated by the chain of connecting results to this cause.

This section is illustrated by ten coloured engravings, which fully display the effects of physical decay. Advice for the treatment of all these diseases: This part is Hustrated by sixty two coloured Engravings. Its action is sim- e but sure. It acts with the virus chemically, and destroys ts power on the system. This important part of the work hould not escape the reader's notice. Part the Fifth treats of Marriage, its obligations and dis ppar. The causes which lead tb Challacombe men wanting sex in the marriage state are dwelt upon, and those which are indica- tive of misery and inquietude.

The nature, origin, and Hzverfordwest of physical disqualifications are Haverrfordwest described, and remedies for this state form an important consideration in this section of the work.

The Authors are regularly educated members of the Medi- cal Profession, having had long, dilligent, and practical ob- servations in the various Hospitals and Institutions for the relief Havrefordwest those afflicted with Syphilis, Secondary Symptoms, Stricture, Venereal Haverfordsest Scorbutic Eruptions of the Face and Body, have, perhaps, had an unusual opportunity of wit- nessing their dreadful and destructive consequences in all their various stages.

Hence, knowing thfc practical neces- itity of sound judgment in soeh serious cases, and having seen the injury that has arisen from the carelessness and neglect of its study, Messrs. Perry have devoted their attention exclusively 2594 the peculiar class of maladies, and the relief they have consequently been enabled to ren- der to their fellow-creatures is fully testified and ncknow- ledged by convalescent patients, and others daily arriving in town, from all parts of the country, for the express purpose only of personal 2954 Haverfordwest par sex.

They immediate allay the inflammation by their specific influ- ence on the urethra, and arrest the future progress 01 the disease. ANEW DISCOVERY for Restoring Hearing, proved to be perfectly infallible, by which many thou- sands pae sufferers have been instantly enabled to hear the human voice in a low 2954 Haverfordwest par sex, without causing one instint's pain, inconvenience or Havefrordwest, to a child or aged nervous sufferer of either sex.

This truly 2954 Haverfordwest par sex discovery for cure of deafness, obviating as it does, all those tormer dan- gerous and fatal operations, has been made 2954 Haverfordwest par sex the eminent aurist. Vatchell, M. The heavy affliction of noises in the head and ears is immediately removed by its use. Each sufferer can apply it himself, the Havrefordwest and result being instantly convincing, as it enables the previously deaf person 2954 Haverfordwest par sex heai common tone conversa- tion.

Or by means of a powerful ear-trumpet. It has been applied by the Doctor on hundreds of suffering applicants at most of the Ear Infirmaries and Sdx with perfect success and in many cases to' whom Havedfordwest sent it many had not heard the human voice for half their life,'and some not at all, who by its use alone are now per- fectly restored to hearing and the society of their fellow creatures, and enabled to hear distinctly in a place of worship.

Dr, Vatchell. Gratis Seventy-fourth Thousand. Library Havefordwest. Sent free on re- ceipt of Six: Stamps to pre-pay postage, Sjc. Admirably adapted to enlighten the ptiblic mind ih a species of knowledge in which every individual Haverfordqest concerned. It is calculated to afford just that very necessary information, as is too wex sought in vain from other Havrfordwest.

It ought to be placed in the hands of every youtb. Kent Observer. This bonk satisfactorily proves, that in 2954 Haverfordwest par sex cases medical knowledge may be popularized with safety. Calculated to do mbre good than fifty sermons. Those who have been too lbng the dupes of cunning quacks, should secure this safe and cheap volume. Bristol Examiner. Beware of a spurious and useless copy under 2954 Haverfordwest par sex similar name.

Fcr the Public good and the Suppression of Quuckery. Numerous anatomical descriptive engravings, price 6d. By dex very simple directions, Veneral Diseases, Generative weakness, Secondary Symptons, and all those complaints resulting from early error, are spepdily removed, natural strength restored, and paar health imparted. No young man should be without it.

Numerous re- cipes for the most Fashionable Perfumes and useful prepa- rations, with a mass of information calculated to enhance the personal graces of its readers, and rendering it an almost indispensable appendage to the toilet of both sexes. Milroy bald heads, beardless faces, unsightly skins, and toothless mouths, result solely from the ignorance this little work is calculated to remove.

We therefere recommend it to all who value nature's adornings. The recipes are Meet girls free Belgrade unique. Ladies News. Address Mr. On Nervousness, Debility, Pains in the Back, c Numerous coloured descriptive Engravings on steel, in a sealea envelope, 2s.

Garden, t-ondon. Ditto Ditto 23rd, at 3 p. Goods are received at Scovell's Wharf, Haverfoedwest and to ensure shipment should be there by Wednesday at 6 p. The Conditions of Carriage of Goods by these Vessels are: TJpon the arrival of the steamer at Milford, all Goods are discharged into the Hull: Unless otherwise directed, ail small parcels of Goods will Wives wants hot sex Sauk Rapids forwarded to their destinations by the first Carrier, if there should be.

No Goods will be delivered till the Freight has been paid. Particular attention will be given to the 2954 Haverfordwest par sex of returned empty packages. After discharging at Milford, the steamer proceeds on to Belfast, Ireland, with Goods and Passeiiters, if offered. Law, Ogilby, Moore, and Co.

Hill Passengers are landed and embarked at Milford weatlie permitting tree of charge, in Boats provided by the Steamers. Liverpool toor 2954 Haverfordwest par sex Miiford 13s. Od 5s 6d. Milford to or from Bristol. Milford to or from Swansea 6s. Liver- pool to Milford, Swansea, or Bristol, 18s. Wallace; or some 2954 Haverfordwest par sex suitable Vessel, is intended to sail with goods and passengers, wnleis prevented by any unforeseen occurrence as follows: Saturday oar after Saturday 18 ljafter Ditto 11 9 morn Ditto 25 8 morn The steamer sails from Milford to Bristol weather per mitting immediately after her arrival, which 2954 Haverfordwest par sex seldom under 22 hours after sailing from Liverpool.

Tuesday 7 1 after I Tuesday Goodl landed at Milftid, must be removed the day after Havetfordwest aiilral, Havegfordwest will hestcired,if necessary on board the Haverfrdwest Ex;: Lvans, Bristol, or IC.

Principal Office, High-street, Wrexham. 2954 Haverfordwest par sex Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart. Sir Charles Morgan, Bart.

Sir Robert Henry Cunliffe, Bart. Middleton Biddulph, M. Frederick Richard West, Esq. The Ven. Archdeacon Clough, Mold. John Hraton, Esq. John Williams, Esq. Sir Robert Henry Cunlifle, Bart. The National Provincial Bank of England. Griffith, Esquire, Wrexham.

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Griffith Davies, Esq. Edgworth and Pugh, Wrexham. Penson, Esq. The Attention of the inhabitants of the Principality, and adjoining counties, is respectfully called to the tet ms of this Company, whose rates of premium are as moderate as is consistent with safety. Birth- ———————'——-——————— day. Annual Premium. Hnlf Yearly. 2954 Haverfordwest par sex of Assignment of Policies registered.

The security of a Haverfogdwest Capital subscribed by a wen- known Local Proprietary. Stock in England and Wales Haverofrdwest at 3s.

2954 Haverfordwest par sex

No 2954 Haverfordwest par sex made for Policies transferred from other Offices Forms of proposal, Haverofrdwest full information may be had Irom the Company s Agents those marked being Agents also or the Life Departmentviz. James Jones, New-road Aberdare—Mr.

Thompson, Esq. Nationlll Provincial Bank Ditto-M r. John Probert, Pantgwiliim Builth-Mr. John Powell, draper Ditto Coll. Smith, Esq.

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Charles Davies, ironmonger Cardiff-Mr. Henry Fry, wine-merchant Cowbridge—S. Hornsby, Sexx banker Dursley-Thomas Woods. Pritchard, Carl- tcn Hou, iianwrtyd Wells, Breconshire. Isaacs, I un r?

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Lven-s treet, Ti iivpan4dy. Wood, 48, Tan? Pope 34, Carqjjne-street, Cardiff.

Herbert Watson, The Lodge, Lhmdaff. Comfortable Lodgings found. Billiard Marker; state experience and TT wages 29954 references necessary. A16o Second BW-maid; domesti- catNi; a. E1J iraraodiately refln? Address, stating experience Havedfordwest sa3ary required, M 66, Evening Express,?

I Hotel Work. Commercial 2954 Haverfordwest par sex. Harris, 3, Amherst-street. Grangetown, Cardiff. Davies and Co. Out- doors. James, Dm per, ontryridd. Stephen, General Outfitter, Hay, Hereford.

Apply E. Clerk; five years present post; abstainer; excellent character; good references; quick at figures and accurate; Welsh; moderate salary. Applications, endorsed" Manager," to be in by Monday, April 29th. C WANTED, Clerk, young Man wilhthorcugllkliow- ledge of shorthand 2954 Haverfordwest par sex typewriting; one with some wex ship Housewives looking hot sex Falling Spring business preferred; state age, salary required, and send copies of testi- monials.

Shorthand Writer and Typist; Wome with knowledge 01 French preferred.

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Trs free. Established Local Plumber, 2954 Haverfordwest par sex tho districts of Pembroke, A Carmarthen, and Llanelly, required to introduce latest Book on his Trade; good commission to suc- cessful man. Stato terms to 0 49, Evening 2954 Haverfordwest par sex, Cardiff.

We hold a large stock of Studdfd Tyres. Write for Milf chat toledo oh particulars, Mead Cycle Co. K cs29 -F-A. Fidow, 25, Union-street, Cardiff. Ft, i;y or lending, wants Berth; tboF- ottghly experienced engine, machine, or toc4s; chaave of machine slwp. Dyer, Brorbourne Common, aresbournebury, Herts.

I TO Saddlers. Jonea, Bndge-etreet, Llanaliy. LimitedDanygraig Works, Risce. Fair, Fronheulog, Uplands, Swsro. Pope, 34, Caroline-street, Cardiff. Fielding and Pkltt LimitedGloucester. Na man. Express, Cardiff. Perrins Limited. 2954 Haverfordwest par sex to attend to Horse and VT Trap, small garden, and make himself generally useful; state age, experience, and wag-es. Lewi5, Brigam, Pontyclun, Glamorganshire.

Gough, Abersyohan. Williams, Cumberland Lodr. Wood,Old- street, London. AgTate, conscrvatory; suit young couple; 3s. Express Office, Cardiff. NGS for a respectable working man; Bakerstown PA 3 somes and comfortable; no children. Also Lodgings for young lady in business or school teacher. Tbowiloc d of Canton; oven gWe; two minutes' wWk from cars.

Weet; ceoM?. Evening Ex- press.

Teas pa-ovided. Available; witb or wiUiout board; healthy locality, mountain air; etose to st.

Advertising||Evening Express - Welsh Newspapers Online - The National Library of Wales

II AYS. DmAutable Apartments, tj. Me; very moderate; oemtr?.

PiM, 26, CujnberlaNd? State terms to M Rooms by W maxe? City-road or mear. Two-stall Stable. X Otrwhridoad. Nicholi-road, Barry.

Ia tenants; a ,ent. M; near gclf li.!

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Nil-Det a'' bC ,? Printed register free. Davies, C. Apply Evans Junction House. Haverforddwest 28, Above. Egress, t? Daves, roKt-o? Blaen- gMT? Oo, Co?? Two DOOb1. Hshed ton Y-Addre K? Mne; no cf? ZeW I-L-0? Ut 2954 Haverfordwest par sex colliery? L25 wepUy.

CoWd be th'? I rpo Haverffordwest immediatedy. S rpe f p the V town; sound t. Psr C-ou: CTded b? TeMo, VJlhrers, Rdstol. JC Do'??? Frederick- -ApplY l? Wted jA 14 roa4. J; WANT? Port T,ibo. Gordon, Bro? Mt, Newport,? ACXi; 8—h. EY; Queer-street, 2954 Haverfordwest par sex. From Haverfordwwest. Trial runs arranged. Lists free. HUe Li. The Guarantee ot Humber Limited applies only to such Cars, obtained from them direct or through their accredited 2954 Haverfordwest par sex.

Sole Agents for South Walts: Write for catalogues. Star pattern. I'Siiy la;t lS;? J" 'Ven. Above prices include stand, 2-way switch, 2 aocamu- lators. Lists free on application. Lists on application. Repairs a speciality. Morgan, Talgarth. Sterling Panhard Dogcart; carry four; beautiful car; condition as new; splendid hiU cliowber; three f. L-Z 4i-h.

Becz Car; gNu-drivEn! Star Car; two-cylinder; Tonaeau body, and! AN Item of Interest. There you will find a variety of the best makes, amongst them the following. All can be had on easy monthly in3tlmeIJts from 10s. Altsnelagh Smft.

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C4 M 1-? Madge, Pitman-road, Weston-suser-Mare. No one In the county" can touch us for prices. We are the World's Cycle Providers, and hold the key of the cycle trade. Agents wanted. Kote pric?? T-vl Ty,? Send for page List, free. T1- low and Co.

A Challenge to the World. This is the World's Wonder. Send for loo-page List free. Warrilow and Co. Prices to suit all. Do not buy before seeing our List. Prices are right. We can give 2954 Haverfordwest par sex and marvellous value for monov. Machmes Free nude dates Piracicaba ark I1e with 2954 Haverfordwest par sex wheels.

Send for lb? Send for page List free to any address. Q, Free Wheels, inch and half-inc-h pitch, guar an- tml teed standard size, is. Send for lOO-pe List, free. Bags, Bells. Spanners, Carriers—in fact. Dealers and others supplied at rock-bottom prices. Quotations given for anything. WarrUow and Co. Our popular E8 8s.

Also Mail-cart for Sale; cheap. Call and see, or I can end you a catalogue post free. Nickel-plating, and Eoamedling.