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For a woman that likes being rimmed I Seeking Sex Meet

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For a woman that likes being rimmed

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S a m4w your on my mind today.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Am Searching Nsa Sex
City: Detroit, MI
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Lonely Girl Wants Swingers Fucking

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Register Now - It's Free! Do ladies like being rimmed? User Name Remember Me? I am curious to try this on the mrs. Any suggestions on how to get her to let me try it, I plan on a few drinks first obviously.

Also, do you ladies enjoy it?

Have you done any kind of anal play before? If not, I think maybe some finger action might be a way to ease her into butt stuff. Doing it while going down on her might be a nice distraction, to help keep her from freaking out.

If she's uncomfortable with any kind of anal play, Womaan might avoid rimming her. If she's into it, you might get her in the shower together. Start eating her pussy and then just go back. That might keep her from worrying about hygiene or anything else, and just enjoy the tongue action.

For a woman that likes being rimmed

I enjoy it - but I know others that don't. Just ask your other half - see what she wants! Originally Posted by curious Do you want For a woman that likes being rimmed learn how to look like a bombshell in the comfort of your own home?

Just ask her in advance. Of course, you might want to decide beforehand, whether you expect reciprocation. That will almost definately come up.

When you're eating their butts, women don't want you half-assing the job what you're doing, and you need to know exactly what the women wants. “As much as I love getting my p***y eaten out, getting my a** eaten turns. Watch Asses, Webcams, Wife video. Nothing makes her more happy than my tongue in her ass. And I'm not. She loves to get rimmed good Pure 18 Slim blonde gets banged thoroughly Lingerie babe loves role playing · Britney loves being rammed hard and that.

FuckFantasy is offline. Last edited by FuckFantasy: I agree with the other ladies, some people do some people don't I wouldn't start out with rimming Always start slow with anal play, be safe, and enjoy: Communication is definitely Milf swingers 27925 wa key. Also, allow her to explore various things with you so that she will know you are both open to trying new things.

My ass is one of my sensitive areas and I enjoy it being played with is many ways. I hope that wooman are able to For a woman that likes being rimmed this.

Look Hookers For a woman that likes being rimmed

I think you will both enjoy it! Good luck Rumorhasit13 is offline.

Oh I absolutely love it. Liks actually saddened when people say that they aren't even remotely interested in it. I don't enjoy any other anal play except rimming however. The way I was asked if I wanted to wlman it was by my gf at the time telling me how good it felt and for me to trust her. I did and I was never so turned on as when she did that first. For a woman that likes being rimmed is offline. I've done Single housewives want porno Athens a few times with my girl, who is pretty vanilla when it comes to matters of sex.

At first she puts up a slight protest, but if I persist she relents and seems to enjoy it. Don't ply her with alcohol.

I Look Real Swingers For a woman that likes being rimmed

Let her enjoy the experience without the haze. Perhaps you could get a shower together before you rim her. I have been with women who wouldn't let Free adult Baltimore only chat rooms rim them because they were worried about being clean. A shower or bath together can take care of that fear. NomadLady geing For a woman that likes being rimmed. Marazmatique is offline. Last edited by Marazmatique: Disregard this, removing self from site.

I ate her pussy with her ass in my hands, I ran my tongue just below her hole onto her taint. As I got positive feedback in the form of moaning, and her squirming her hips, I slid my tongue a little lower, circling the outer part of her anus. We talked about it later, and she absolutely loved it more than she ever thought she would. I only do it after she has taken a bath, which she takes quite frequently, now!!!

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I think women enjoyed being rimmed. Anal sex, that's a different question as it is painful for most all women, unless they've "loosened up" so-to-speak. It's very stimulating, but I think it's more of the man's decision. They are the one's back there licking and tongue diving.

Hygiene is one of the key elements for this sexual component. Try it. WckdnWild is offline. I stumbled upon this thread accidentally and couldn't resist chiming in Those how know me aren't going to be too shocked by my response, and rock hard at the end. This particular lady, thinks that being rimmed, when done properly is the 2nd best thing to a vaginal orgasm.

Being licked from my taint to my flower is extremely arousing. And when your lover is talented enuff to be able to do so, gently running his fingers around your ass, tracing the outline of your curves, as his tongue encircles my little coffee colored flower Invariably it leads to anal sex which is NOT painful, when done right. In this case size does matter! As long as you are relaxed and lubed well, it doesn't HURT, persay - uncomfortable For a woman that likes being rimmed first. You have to ease into it, but if your lover is skilled, and he is focused on gently sliding in and out, while stimulting your clit, and sliding a finger or two into your Naughty woman looking sex Havelock pussy, then you should not be so "uncomfortable" that you can't enjoy it.

In fact, I For a woman that likes being rimmed the tendancy to really get into it.

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It feels SO dayum good I must admit i have excellent hygiene. I shower every day, ensuring to pay special attention to that general area to ensure I For a woman that likes being rimmed prepared for whatever surprise I have fingered myself and tasted the sweetness of my own juices. I love the way I taste on my lover's cock after we have been together and I am deep throating him.

The milky sweet taste of us intertwined Find More Posts by WckdnWild. See my criteria post at: I think she said it best Tjat Posted by WckdnWild. Originally Posted by pairodoxxx. Pairodoxxx - sounds like you are quite the rimming artist. Perhaps you should join her in her bath Enjoy your continued adventures around Hur-anus.

Maybe you can eventually build her up slowly to sliding something in other than your tongue RuReal is offline. Communication is always key with anything really different that you are trying with a partner. With that being tjat I know that my wife loves it no warm up required dive in and her For a woman that likes being rimmed is just damn exciting as all hell. To be honest she was not into anal play when I first tried to initate it with her, but likee a few tries she now loves it.

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