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The first image of a black hole.

Looking for my first ebony

Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. Nearly years after black holes were first theorized to exist, scientists have taken the first-ever clear picture of one.

The image shows a supermassive black hole at the center of the "supergiant" galaxy Messier 87, or M The black hole weighs about as much as 6. That's more than three times the diameter of Pluto's orbit in our solar system. It feels like looking at the gates of Hell, at the end Looking for my first ebony space and time," Heino Falckean astrophysicist at Radboud University Nijmegen and an Event Horizon Telescope collaborator, said during a live press briefing.

The unprecedented photo Lambton taken in radio wavelengths of light by the Event Horizon Telescope EHTwhich is a "virtual" observatory the size of Earth. The picture is also a firt small and hard Looking for my first ebony discern, though this was hardly unexpected.

Before the image went public, Misty Bentzan astrophysicist at Georgia State University, told Business Insider she anticipated "more of a fuzzy blob" than anything else.

To understand what the first picture of a black hole actually shows, it helps to look at a series of simulated images that astrophysicists and computer scientists generated years before Wednesday's big announcement.

Hotaka Shiokawa via EHT.

One side of an accretion disk is always brighter because the materials are moving at significant fractions tor the speed of light, according to Timothy Brandt, an astrophysicist at the University of California at Santa Barbara who studies black holes Looking for my first ebony is not part of the EHT collaboration.

Beaming is comparable to the Doppler effect, which is what makes an approaching ambulance's siren sound higher-pitched and one driving away sound lower-pitched.

At velocities close to light speed, stuff that's moving toward Earth will look Looking for my first ebony and bluer, while stuff that's moving away from Earth will appear dimmer and redder. Dave Mosher. Evony angles pointing left Two angles facing left, which often indicate, "return to the beginning. Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration Scientists on Wednesday published the first picture of a black holewhich was put together using the Event Horizon Telescope.

The radio-wave photo shows a supermassive black holeLooking for my first ebony event horizon, and its accretion disk at the center of galaxy Messier Researchers Shepherdsville ohio nudes the image to look "fuzzy" but say it's nonetheless awesome and unprecedented.

Computer models help explain why the image looks the way it does and why it's so exciting.

Visit BusinessInsider. There are six main features of supermassive black holes: Singularity — The infinitely dense "heart" of a black hole. These are made by collapsing or colliding stars.

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Event horizon — The point Looking for my first ebony a black hole's gravitational force is so strong that not even light can travel fast enough to escape it. Accretion disk — Super-hot gas and dust from dead stars, planets, and other objects that get too close to a black hole.

Next to an event horizon, these discs create a "shadow" that astronomers can now see.

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Innermost stable circular orbit ISCO — The last point where orbiting matter can exist without falling into a black hole. Relativistic jet not pictured — Feeding black holes shoot out powerful jets of particles at near light-speed from their poles.

Astronomers can see the jets reflecting off distant clouds of gas and dust. Photon sphere — A region where light emitted by jets and in-falling matter gets trapped in a perfectly circular orbit just beyond the event horizon.

Astronomy Black hole Space.