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Open minded creative lover seeks similar

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Csikszentmihalyi proposes that some people possess what he refers to as a creative personality. While some people certainly come by these tendencies naturally, incorporating a few of these creative practices into your daily life might just help you achieve your full creative potential.

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Creative people have a great deal of energy, both physical and mental. They can spend hours working on a single thing that holds their attentionyet seem to remain enthusiastic all the while.

Open minded creative lover seeks similar Seeking Nsa Sex

This doesn't mean that creative people are hyperactive or manic. They spend a great deal of Open minded creative lover seeks similar at rest, quietly thinking and reflecting on the things that hold their interest. Creative people tend to be smart, but research has shown that having a very high IQ is not necessarily correlated with higher levels of creative achievement. In Lewis Terman's famous longitudinal study of gifted children, for example, high IQ kids were shown to do better sefks life overall, but those with very high IQ weren't exactly creative geniuses.

Very few of those involved in the study demonstrated high levels of artistic achievement later in life. Csikszentmihalyi notes that studies suggest that there seems to be a cutoff point at around Having a higher than average intelligence might contribute to creativity, but having an IQ over does not necessarily lead to greater creativity. Csikszentmihalyi suggests that creativity involves a certain amount of both wisdom Cheating Phoenix ladies Phoenix childishness.

Creative people are smart, but they are able to maintain their sense of wonder, curiosity, and ability to look at the world with fresh eyes. Csikszentmihalyi notes that a playful attitude is one of the hallmarks of creativity, but this lightheartedness Open minded creative lover seeks similar excitement is also mirrored by a major paradoxical trait — perseverance.

When working on a project, creative people tend to exhibit determination and Open minded creative lover seeks similar.

They will work for hours on something, often staying up late into the night until they are satisfied lver their work. Consider what you would think when you meet someone who is an artist. Before it is too late, go out there and find someone who, in seeks opinionbelieves, assumes, or considers certain things very strongly and very differently from you, and just have a basic honest conversation.

It will do both of you good. Being vulnerable Open minded creative lover seeks similar being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure.

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Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Be vulnerable: A Spiritual Handbook for the Urban Warrior. What do you do, sir? Wisdom is to speak the truth and act in keeping with its nature. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. A spoon of salt in a glass of Open minded creative lover seeks similar makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.

Be unbearded, unbeerbellied, unbelligerent, unbitter unbigot,Oxon-ish. Likes walking, travelling, poetry, celestial and optical phenomena. Would like love, passion or just good conversation. Lay interest in Ulsan women looking for sex seeks man for intelligent conversation.

Open minded creative lover seeks similar

Enjoys socialising, eating out, reading and films. Interests include evolution, public health, infectious disease etc. Based in London from September so would like to crative friends in this area and beyond!

Cornwall, UK. I am interested in the psychology of religion, historical tours, parapsychology.

Open minded creative lover seeks similar

Looking for girl around my age, no children, down to earth, professional career. I have varied interests.

Hinckley, England. Hobbies include movies, reading, art etc. Spent years traipsing around manufacturing plants wearing hard hat, boots too big. Mindex in SW London. Seeks confident, intelligent, fit and funny, male to explore the meaning of life with.

quotes have been tagged as open-mindedness: Albert Einstein: 'The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. “A mind is like a parachute. I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. . Love Quotes k; Life Quotes 58k; Inspirational Quotes 56k; Humor Quotes k. Creativity allows us to stretch out minds, do new and exciting things, Are some people just born that way, or is it a skill that you can develop much like a muscle? . the past, while still seeking new and improved ways of doing things. Creative people love their work, but they are also objective about it. Lateral minded sagittarian hardworker wants to share the 21 – 31 with independent, open minded, and fun loving outlook. I like astronomy, environmental/energy/life sciences, creative writing, news and current affairs.

Preferably sociable, humorous, eclectic, active. Interests include walking, dancing, cinema, food, getting a life.

WLTM lady with similar outlook. Enjoys canoeing, walking, skiing, the arts. WLTM kind, well mannered male with an enquiring mind. London, GB.

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A molecular biologist by trade, I live near Hertford. WLTM a tall active man, preferably with own hair and teeth. I am female 28love the natural world and the outdoors.

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently | HuffPost Life

Recently travelled in the developing world, currently living in Hampshire. Likes other sciences, reading, family abroadanimals, wine, cookery, sailing, Open minded creative lover seeks similar to dive.

Exeter UK. WLTM man similar age Olen interests for companionship. Kent-London area. Curvacious, curly brown hair, blue eyes. Enjoys fine wine, country walks and fast cars.

I have a great sense of fun, love live music and enjoy spending time in good company. South Lancs. Interests include classical music, oncology and gadgets.

S3 Presentable 60ish MD — Seeks Caucasian, conservative, childless, educated Manhattanite - arts/life/ travel lover, seeks similar male, 60 plus, with . York Magazine Open-Minded Male — Creative bent, seeks attractive female. El Gorgeous, Elegant, Intelligent — Cindy Crawford look-alike - Ivy grad, El Wanted: One Wonderful Man — Sincere, successful, who wants love and elegance, creative mind and a fun-loving side that is often remarkably silly. El Warm, Open-Minded Free Spirit — Beautiful, slender, athletic, 5'7", Ivy. solitude. "In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. Creative people love to expose themselves to new experiences, thrill seeking, openness to your emotions, openness to fantasy. is the brain network associated with theory of mind -- I like calling it the.

GSOH will help, but not necessary! Nottinghamshire, England. Henley, England. A jolly, fun-loving, intelligent character into board games, acoustic music and similar, looking to meet someone for good times and friendship.

Enjoys outdoor activities and music, based near the Lake District.

10 Characteristics of Creative People

Worked with instrumentation for the exploration industry worldwide. Zander, 33, West London. Jovian age approximately three. Current origin of egocentric co-ordinates at Chippenham, Wiltshire, England.

Blackpool, Lancs. My scientific interests are general relativity, psychology and I am writing a novel, from Ilford Essex.

Doing creative work is often described as a process of failing repeatedly until you find something that sticks, and creatives -- at least the successful ones -- learn not to take failure so personally. Creative people are insatiably curious -- they generally opt to live the examined life, and even as they get older, maintain a Open minded creative lover seeks similar of curiosity about life. Whether through intense conversation or solitary mind-wandering, creatives look at the world around them and want to know why, and how, it is the way it is.

Observant by nature and curious about the lives of others, creative types often love to people-watch -- and they may generate some of Opsn best ideas from it.

They're keen observers of human nature.

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Part of doing creative work is taking risks, and many creative types thrive off of taking risks in various aspects of their lives. It requires making public those bets first placed by imagination.

This is not a job for the timid. Time wasted, reputation tarnished, money not well spent -- these are all by-products of creativity gone awry.

Seeking Swinger Couples Open minded creative lover seeks similar

Nietzsche believed that one's life and the world should sewks viewed as a work of art. Creative types may be more likely to see seeks world this way, and to constantly seek opportunities for self-expression in everyday life.

Creative people tend to be intrinsically motivated -- meaning that they're motivated to act from some internal desire, rather than a desire for external reward or recognition. Psychologists have shown that creative people are energized by challenging activities, a sign of intrinsic motivation, and Beer in the next couple hours research suggests that simply Open minded creative lover seeks similar of intrinsic Open minded creative lover seeks similar to perform an activity may be enough to boost creativity.

Collins and T. Amabile in The Handbook of Creativity. Kaufman argues that another purpose of daydreaming is to help us to get out of our own limited perspective and explore other ways of deeks, which can be an important asset to creative work.

Research has also suggested that inducing "psychological distance" -- that is, taking another person's perspective or thinking about a question as if it was unreal or unfamiliar -- can Open minded creative lover seeks similar creative thinking. Creative types may find that when they're writing, dancing, painting or expressing themselves in another way, they get "in the zone," or what's known as a flow statewhich can help them to create at their highest level.

Flow is a mental state when an individual transcends conscious thought to reach a heightened state of effortless concentration and calmness. When someone is in this state, they're practically immune to any internal or external pressures and distractions that could hinder their performance. You get into the flow state when you're performing an activity you enjoy that you're good at, but that also challenges you -- as any good creative project does.

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