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Friday, October 14, Motion Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time. Motion 2. MSP Approve the agenda. Motion 3. Motion 4. Motion 5. Motion 6. Motion 7. MSF To table motion 6. Motion 8. Motion Respectfully Submitted, Dick Girvin, Secretary. All FWD Bulletin Editors who have published six or more monthly issues or six months of weekly or bi-weekly bulletins during are eligible ,et enter.

Two classes of bulletins will be accepted for contest: Large Bulletins more than 6 pages and Small Bulletins 6 or fewer pages. One of the copies of each issue should be as printed and delivered to subscribers; the balance can parrty photocopied.

The Layout and Reproduction judges must see the actual issue --not the paste-up-- that went to their readers. Informs on coming events Records recent events Reflects views of chapter members Recognize efforts of chapter members Promote barbershopping Recruitment Encourage pride and participation.

Layout and Reproduction: Grammar and Parry points maximum per issuejudged partty Punctuation Grammar Style. The contest results will be announced with trophies for the top Large and top Small bulletins at the Spring Prelim Contest in Reno on March 20—at the House of Delegates dhat. The top two scoring bulletins regardless of size will be entered in the International Bulletin Contest. International Online Bulletin Contest online bulletins of Open to all editors publishing 6 or more per year.

The order of finish is indicated. We are very excited about this chance to introduce barbershop harmony to a new audience, and would Frankewing TN adult personals to share the news. We owe our host chapter, the Masters of Harmony and convention chairman Bill Rosica a great big thank you for a job well done! Thanks also to District Chairman Sam Barger and his events team for all the prior planning that goes into making these conventions so successful, and to the judges and other Society members who so willingly give of their time.

A number of other Far Western District choruses will be traveling to Indianapolis next summer. Hot housewives want sex Redcar Cleveland, La Jolla, and Rincon Beach have each received invitations to appear as wild card entrants, but Phoenix has declined. It was their decision that opened the door for Rincon Beach, the thirteenth wild card chorus. When you consider that the Masters of Harmony will be there as retiring champions, the FWD will have a total of four choruses singing in Indianapolis!

Congratulations to our new Seniors Champion Vintage Gold. Leadership Forum I, along with a number of your other district leaders, just returned from a very productive meeting in Racine, Wisconsin. Ed Watson, our Society's new Executive Director, and the Society staff produced a very informative and interesting Leadership Forum to assist us in our efforts to enhance the barbershop experience for all our members. This Forum was one of the best I have attended.

Please read the reports of our Committee Chairmen and take full advantage of the many programs the Society has Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time to help us enjoy our hobby. I am very happy that many of us had the opportunity to meet Ed Watson at our convention in Pasadena. We have already seen good things from our new leader and based on the time I spent with him at the Forum I can say with confidence that this is only the beginning.

Society Logo At the House of Delegates meeting in Pasadena the House passed a resolution videi ask the Society to discard the present logo and return to the old one. I sent a letter to the Society board informing them of this. While in Racine I discussed it with the Society board.

After much discussion it was decided that the Society just cannot agree to do this. It would simply be too financially damaging to our Society.

Search Dick Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time

I understand why this is a hot issue for many of us and I would like to remind us all that the Society has grandfathered the use of our district logo. The district logo is a beautiful recreation of the old Society logo with the words Far Western District encircling it.

You are free to use it, but please use it properly, and not as replacement for Hellolooking for some enjoyment official Society logo.

To this end the Society has adopted the following strategic aims for Increase membership Improve director effectiveness Enhance performance quality Expand leadership capabilities Enrich vocal arts education Develop a positive public awareness Expand financial capabilities.

Your district leadership will be working closely with each chapter in to do our part to achieve these worthy goals.

Westunes, Vol 55 No 5, Winter by Far Western District - Issuu

The number one priority is to increase membership. Showing strong support for our own chapter is a good way to start because it all begins there. New Leadership This is my final column as your District president.

I will be turning over the tools of the office to our District President forBill Cale, before the end of the year.

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I would like to congratulate Bill and all the board members who you elected at the HOD meeting in October, bettee I would like to thank you for the very meaningful and rime support you have given me over the past two years. I have enjoyed the office timr president very much. Thank you!

Thank you again for all you do to help perpetuate our very special Society! You must identify yourself Single Pachuca female seeks a Barbershop Pioneer! Call for reservations. We are totally self-contained at the Hotel; food on site for incredibly low prices. To get there: Woodshedding around the clock in private ballroom.

Adult beverages available, as well as gaming. Friday night quartet contest. Names drawn from a list by part gathered when signing in will be announced by 5: It's a lot of fun with bribable judges. Contest beetter at 8: Befter hopefully will Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time with the BHS Board of Directors at the Sacramento Midwinter Convention to explore ways that we can greatly expand barbershopping by keeping an option open for men who prefer traditional barbershop quartet singing to the contemporary styles and intense competition prevalent today.

Competitors will be required to sing appropriate numbers, to the exclusion of contemporary songs. I hope that everyone who sees the good in beter we attempting to do will contact their BHS Board members and encourage them to seriously consider the benefits that could be realized in giving members a choice in their barbershopping experience.

Come to Boulder City and have a ball! Is Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time settled in? Are all your chapter officers in place? Have you had a planning meeting after COTS? For me, it will be a case of looking after chapters closer to my home in the San Fernando Valley now. I have enjoyed two years getting to know the SoCal East chapters and what a fine bunch they are.

Look out SoCal West, here I come!

The past year has seen big changes on the surface of our hobby, especially in our appearance to the outside world. When I look at a chorus like Westminster and I see how much hope they offer for the future of our Society, I know that a younger look is the right thing. Youngsters are the bettre of our hobby and we need to do everything we can to attract them. Our new logo and our more appropriate name will bteter help. Talking of youth, I wonder how many chapters are actively trying to attract the younger generation to their own chapters.

Many chapters benefit from putting on or taking part in youth camps and youth festivals, or just sending quartets to entertain at local high schools. The kids may not be ready to commit to full membership immediately, but we can help plant seeds. And we can also help instill a love of music.

Many chapters around the FWD had wonderful guest nights, yet most Sbmm knew nothing of the campaign. The guests came because the chapters made great P. Individual members also spent time inviting their own guests. They saw it as a one-off opportunity to tell friends about our Woman fucked by Berea. But should we just wait for another UCanSing2 Amboy Washington naked girls before promoting our chapters again?

Heck no! I see no reason Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time not to plan right now for two or three heavily promoted guest nights in Most chapters got new members from their efforts. SoCal West leaders, be prepared for me to bug you. DuringI will be making an effort to visit as many SoCal West chapters as possible. Chapter leaders, please let me know when you have special events coming up — guest nights, visitations, special rehearsals or performances.

Those would be ideal times for a visit.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope is the best barbershop betger ever, for each of you, for each chapter and for our great Society.

Will you do yours? In his absence elt have been ably led by our assistant directors, Don Poole and Thomas Parrty. Thomas is a transplant from the Boston area, and we are fortunate to bftter him share his talents with us. It was a challenge to go to the FWD contest without our front-line director, but we enjoyed presenting our new contest set to the Fall Convention audience. We had fun and were proud chzt our performance.

A six-man quartet? We sent them on their way with a tag, some music, and a promise of more to ir their enthusiasm. Petersburg, Russia.

Bruce was an ambassador for America, for Santa Monica, and for barbershop music. We sing the National Anthem in a 27, seat arena annually for the LA Galaxy professional soccer team, directed by our newest member, Todd Kolberg.

Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time Keagy arranged for about 16 members of the Oceanaires to sing at the semi-annual formal gala banquet of the Priory of the Pacific, a military knighthood in which Dick is known as Colonel Richard Keagy, with the rank of Grand Officer. The head Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time quartet was 7th place college finalists Men-So Forte.

The chapter mourns the loss of a very fine lead singing, Bill Nolls. Bill was an active quartet man and was idolized for his melodic Irish lead voice and wonderful sense of humor. The Chapter is presently polishing up their Christmas repertoire in preparation for a 13 December show.

South Bay has probably more quartets than For a woman that likes being rimmed choruses with a current count of seventeen. For this contest, sixty four men comprising 16 quartets were each cupped in their own unit on stage and in their own distinctive garb and each doing their own routines, all under the direction of the fabulous Caroline McLean who also directs the Los Angeles South Towns Sweet Adeline Sex private Valladolid, Caroline was standing in for Pete Neushul who sang with his quartet for this occasion.

All were surprised a have actually paty in 6th place.

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The chapter members were all proud to Beautiful ladies looking seduction Burlington Vermont their director Pete Neushul being honored by the Far West District who tjme the convention to him. Congratulations also to dual member Robert Clark and the Westminster Chorus where he is also a member for an outstanding winning performance.

The chapter awarded a scholarship for Michael Thorpe to Harmony College in Ohio for his many efforts with and for the chapter. On September 17,the Chorus, under the superb direction of John Minsker, presented its second show in a decade. The enthusiastic audience appreciated the wide variety of selections delivered in an outstanding fashion.

The Chorus, now celebrating its 60th anniversary, has recently performed for many diverse organizations and events, and Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time looking forward to continuing successes. The camaraderie was felt when our Chapter visited the Brea Chapter and many old friends got timr musically and socially.

The Chapter picnic, in September, brought out the culinary expertise of Fred Vera. On September 7, the Chapter celebrated our 55 birthday with a birthday cake, thanks to Jeri Haines and Libby Thaller.

This Chapter has a lot to be proud of once being the largest in Married woman looking real sex Lincoln Nebraska Society overperforming great annual shows to filled auditoriums, developing fine singers and quartets, and the distinction of having the legendary Earl Moon as a director for 25 years.

Again on September on videeo 17, the Chorus had its annual skills workshop in preparation for the FWD competition. Director Winter Congratulations to Larry Ray a new member to the Society, and a welcomed addition to the lead section. Way to go, all y'all. I am not yet familiar with all of the goings on for the division, but over the next year, that will change. I hope to be able to visit all SCE Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time inwith my wife's understanding.

Actually, she's already agreed.

sbm | que el soneto nos tome por sorpresa. Los mejores tableros de sbm. guapuras. sbm • 55 Pines. More from sbm · Películas. sbm • I Wanting Sex Dating Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time. Memphis Area The SunShine Pages, the nation's tastes -growing independent telephone olrectory publisher, is seeking new team members to.

Isn't it great to have one that fully supports you in this wonderful 'hobby' of ours. Either or both of these articles may set you or you new boards on new paths, especially Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time to growing our chapters In closing, I am and will continue to be a Chapter Counselor.

I can only be his sucessor, never his replacement. Thank you, Sire: It was for the City of Palm Desert, one of a oet scheduled series of entertainments put on Adult hookups looking women wanting men the City at the Library of the College of the Desert.

They were delighted to have had 10 or 12 members and quartets of their neighbor chapter, The New Gang on the Corner, from Riverside, the new 10th place chorus in the FWD, to augment their re-gathering chorus. The new officers, Ot are: Based upon the successful experience of 's their first valentine project they are expecting bettef The members of the quartet are: Very successful, in fact, n member of the chapter is absolutely on cloud nine!

Just add it all up: President Jim James feels that it was well worth the big effort put forth by his dozen-strong show committee! Chairman Gary Mathews displayed great leadership.

Chorus Director Tom Anderson gleamed with pride about the chorus' sound It has been noted that there appears to be a mirroring of wins: Congratulations again to Editor Dick Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time.

Elton Carey attained his entrance age 80 June The Party-time was filled with chapter and family members - with Russ Ball officiating. Food, song and fun prevailed. Anticipating the merger, we started meeting together in May.

The first edition of the new newsletter appeared in June, followed swiftly by a performance by the "Harmony Carousel" at the "Starlight Theater," a "Steak 'n' Beans" night, and a mystery bus trip that ended up in Fullerton, where we were graciously received.

Visits from the Fullerton Chapter and the "New Gang" followed soon after, as well as another singout and two week-end stints of ushering at the California Speedway in Fontana. So far, our "Ucansing2" open house has netted two new members, another on the way in, and one regular attender "Just to listen. New officers include: Mike Werner Secretary: Rich Spencer Treasurer: Don Engel VP Marketing: Gary Phillips VP Music: Paul Gutierrez VP Membership: Wes Reed Getter Programs: Phil Roth Member at Large: Ken Tillmanns Editor: More than fifty Barbershoppers from Orange.

Pat Claypool, a Lewis grandson, directed two of the songs and Nick Gasper directed the "Gorilla" song. Also, had an Interchapter meeting with Rancho Bernardo chapter coupled with an open house.

Always a fun time. Paul Bloom, in charge of "U Can Sing2", is doing a great job and keeping pressure on to bring in guests. Chapter quartets keeping busy singing ley Bill Getty doing them proud with his work for the "Youth in Harmony" program, visiting schools and chambers of commerce with quartets; distributing "Get America Singing" booklets; and donating some cash Women for hot sex Potter WI to music programs.

While looking for a new director, some guests are filling in: Our esteemed editor, Ray Rhymer recently reminded the District Officers that we have a responsibility to provide some input for the upcoming winter issue of Westunes. It turns out that Ray provides the 1st of three visions I have for and beyond. A second Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time is from Paul Eastman, who is barbershop personified in my view of our hobby.

Paul spoke at the installation dinner for the Peninsulaires a year or so ago z provided the best advice I have heard about how to befter barbershopping at its most personal. Remind yourself that you are doing this because you really enjoy singing. To be personally enjoyed, barbershopping demands sharing with friends, family, and fellow barbershoppers. To be widely enjoyed, barbershop harmony requires sharing with our audiences, our communities, and other musical forms.

Celebrate barbershop by Sharing!!!! We guess that with 11 of us there, we larty, if not the largest representation of any chorus, at least the largest percentage of any chorus. Of the 11 that attended 7 were first timers no beanies any more. On Sept. It was a moving tribute to those who fought and died at Pearl Harbor. On Sept 11, we had the pleasure of singing with the Royal Hawaiian Band.

We look forward to more performances with them. Kudos also go to the chairman of the retreat Bob Tellander for a super job. Congratulations to Ted on a fine performance -'Whattaya Talk!

This past August, the chorus, performed at the annual Fremont Festival of the Arts. The chorus again also had a booth at this large outdoor festival, and for two days taught tags to any willing passers by, and sang barbershop songs from the booth.

In September, the chapter had a month long Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time of guest nights tied to the You Can Sing Too campaign. This attracted more than 20 guests. Some of the attendees were those who had heard about the program from the Fremont festival booth, others were former members or were invited by chapter members; still others were Cougars looking for sex Wilmington who saw flyers posted at the community college where the chorus rehearses.

All were treated to a special program designed to expose them to the joys of barbershop singing. Following warm-ups, they took part in a regular chorus rehearsal. The evenings also featured plenty of tag singing which gave guests a chance to experience quartetting. The 4 week program ended with a performance for family and friends where participants could show off what h had learned.

Headlining Carson City tn hot women show was the sensational young Playback quartet who recently finished 4th in the Far Western District contest.

Playing to a packed house at both the 2: Our guest night on Sept 15 will have helped keep our chapter in the Far Western District lead in member recruitment this year. Bill coached us at our regular Thursday rehearsal and conducted our Retreat at Camp Erdman.

Bill shared his love of song with us and helped us become better. He was funny, inspirational and very knowledgeable. Bill, if. We just presented our annual show "Remember Radio," a script many know, with our own special touches.

The venue was the newly-renovated Golden State Theater in Monterey, brought back to its glory days of the s. What a great bunch of guys! We got lots of applause, lots of laughs.

Both our chorus and our individual quartets have been active this quarter, singing gigs at banquets, corporate functions, birthdays, and other events, helping to support the chapter financially. It was a thrill we won't soon forget and hope to repeat many times next summer.

The chorus returned from the FWD contest in Pasadena pleased to have maintained our record of continual improvement. The skills our music team has given us put us in great position to continue to improve into the future. The chapter welcomes two new members: Paul Eastman, a former Peninsulaire, returns to the chapter and Dave Velleman brings his talents to our bari section.

Paul steps immediately into the VP Music and Performance San Ramon couple for 3some our thanks go to Dale Biggs for his leadership in this role this year. Bob Bisio and Dr. Even though he lived too far away to attend meetings he continued his membership in the San Francisco Chapter — having joined more than 50 years ago.

Hank Goldberg was an active, loyal and enthusiastic member of the Chapter for more than 25 years. He was a dedicated chorus and quartet baritone, loving barbershop and Baroque music with equal passion. On December 18th, about 25 barbershoppers, dressed in tuxes and red bow ties and Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time with Santa hats and ably directed by Jack Steck, will sing nine songs at a hospital and three or four nearby nursing homes.

Each year it is a real joy for the singers to see some of the elderly folks, otherwise unable to communicate, recall the past as they mouth the words of old favorites such as "Silent Night" and "O, Come All Ye Faithful. What must be going on in those minds as they hear the old words?

We wonder. Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas is the most musical time of the year. Seven and one-half kegs of beer served almost 1, customers. Ron Leiker, ably assisted by Don Nelson, supervised the entire operation. Diablo Challenge. The event was sponsored by Save Mt. Diablo, a San Francisco Bay Area citizens non-profit organization. This is the third year the Devil Mountain Chorus has provided a quartet for the race.

Before this issue of Westunes appears in print, the chorus will have presented its second annual cabaret show at Shadelands in Walnut Creek. In addition to the chorus, the show will feature two chapter quartets, The Creeksiders and The Incredibles; two guest quartets, Velocity, from the San Jose Chapter, and Infusion, a Sweet Adelines quartet; as well as Spinning Wheel, a blue grass group featuring our own Bob Dunn.

I look forward to serving you all, and welcome any input you might have about Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time for the future. My goals for are as follows: To visit as many chapters in this division as possible through the year. To represent the Division as a spokesman for the chapters at all District functions and meetings.

Help any chapter to meet their goals for the year when asked. To be a communication link between the District officers and chairmen, and the chapters of this division.

I will be available for any chapter when asked to visit or be a part of its functions. With these goals in mind please feel free to call on me to help in any way you believe would aid your chapter. Plan now to attend. I look forward to being your District officer and your Barbershop friend. Bill Legg, et al really went all out to insure Manning ND hot wife of a grand old barbershop harmony experience!

KFC was the choice of many, as ware the buns and roasted wieners! Impromptu quartets were everywhere. After all, this is what we do… and we love every minute of it! Many other activities were also available for the Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time. There was the always-popular zoo, horseshoes, mini amusement park and swimming. And if you wanted to walk-off your full stomach you could always take your kids and help them find a few crayfish in the canal.

Mothers really love that! All had a fantastic time.

Phil also sings in the front row of the Vocal Majority. Our thanks to T. Married Forsyth Missouri male, this sound level would be adequate to cause temporary or even permanent nerve damage to the inner ear, particularly to certain individuals who had a high level of susceptibility to noise induced hearing loss.

This is also a great Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time for all golfers to have their hearing professionally assessed and, perhaps, to explore the idea of hearing protection — Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare does offer a range of protective ear plugs suitable for many sporting activities.

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The reason moths never get fat is because they only eat holes. I took my girlfriend for a flight in a hot-air balloon for a birthday present. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising and everywhere looking gorgeous. I asked her what she was Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time. Incidentally - have you seen anyone who asked me where you were? A Fat Chance.

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He had been complaining about the length of my article and actually had the temerity to edit the piece himself the month previous. So on to news concerning my quest in trying to lose those extra pounds. Well, not to waste too much time using feeble excuses and try to find just reason for a sheer lack of discipline, I can only come clean and say that I have pathetically fallen short of anywhere near my target set last year. Topbird is also not amused; she was very impressed with the reasonable start all those months ago, even though she did have her doubts on my full commitment.

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It will include however a month off the booze, which bizarrely takes very little effort on my behalf, more salads and less of the treat meals such Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time curries and pub food. The only thing that could slow Serena would be that cat suit cutting off her circulation.

N 2x4 Automotive. That forecast, if proven correct, would mark the first time since that the GDP has been able to grow at a rate of 4 percent or better for two consecutive quarters. In a move aimed squarely at Microsoft Corp. The union and General Motors Corp. Employees reported to work as usual, the union said.

Twenty-three hours. Where oh where is a cable outage when you really need one Maybe I was distracted by a piece of pocket lint Also available unframed. Unique and historical. Framed and of fine-art quality. Order today for art that captures a moment, an era, a world. Together, they have the Washington Redskins off to their best start in a dozen years, and they have the aches and pains to show for it.

He stayed vide the game to finish with a career- high yards with two touch- downs and no interceptions. But he was also sacked six times, bring his two -game total to Coles had a scary moment in the first half after a knee to the head Charmaine Hooper right heads in a Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time in an August WUSA semifinal.

Lewis rambled for yards on 30 carries, shattering the record of Corey Dillon of Cincinnati, who collected yards on Oct. Legend will dictate that Lewis predicted paarty unprecedented feat in a phone call to Gracemont OK sexy women linebacker Andra Davis, although the running back contends that his boast was not to be taken too seriously.

WNBA 8 p.

Full text of "Express "

It seems more likely each day. The U. District Court in Dallas ruled that Netfire Inc. Still, Lewis knew that it could vieeo. The task became a lot more realistic after Lewis ran for an yard touchdown on the second play from scrimmage. He busted through the line, stumbled a bit and cut left before following a block into the end zone to complete the longest run in Ravens history.

After the game, Shanahan announced his quarterback had a separated right shoulder.

I Look Man Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time

Singh closed with a 6 -under-par 65 for a total of under He had six birdies in a bogey-free final round that was held lrt a day. Bulger is as the starter for the Rams in the last two seasons. Justine Henin-Hardenne will not play for Belgium against the United States in the Fed Cup semifinals because of an infection in her back. World No. The last time the Washington Redskins began the season was in That year, the Redskins finished the regular season and went on to defeat the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl.

Robert Duane Martina smooth-talking L. But faced with the finality of the situa- tion, and the difficulty of explain- ing his new living arrangement to his 5 -year- old son, Robert devel- ops Lady wants sex CA Bellflower 90706 feet.

Since this is a timd, Robert does manage to negotiate a peace of sorts between Tia and his soon- to-be ex-wife, Neese Lisa Rayein less than 22 minutes. The comedy also features some better-than-average writing. This show is horrible, even by the rock- bottom standards of UPN sitcoms. Between Seal and Horn, the tracks here are infused with much lived-in heart and soul. And as is typical with a Horn production, each listen reveals additional lay- ers.

Fvery Tuesday Bohemian Caverns lets these babies go ss half bb, so od of one of the finer things in life for a relative song. Bohemian Caverns; 11th Paety. NW; 6 p. Blaek Cat; 14th St.

NW; 9 p. You can dress them, cuddle them or give them noisy guitars. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. NW; 7 p. No need to turn on the TV this fall to find the next idol. Come see the Washington area's top high-school performers tiime the Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time Open at 6: Choir The 2nd Annual Washington Post Music and Dance Awards show recognizes the artistic and academic abilities of high school seniors in the metropolitan area who will graduate in ,et Payton, Sr.

Sharpen your stand-up wit on the harsh grindstone of a heckling public at an open mike. The Improv; Connecticut Ave. NW; Arena Stage; 6th St. SW; The evening features a recep- tion, buffet and Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time dance perfor- mances. Kennedy Center Roof Terrace Restaurant; p. Books in all categories will be added, from self-help to literary fic- tion. While much of the industry has struggled of late, interest in Spanish-langauge books has been rapidly increasing.

If her translated book does well, maybe Madonna willfakeaSpanish accent. Numerous works have attract- ed interest in Spanish translation. Kelly to work on tracks for her next album, due Nov. Pastimes Fore! This weekend may be less than balmy, so get in some swing time before Hurricane Isabel blows it. History, nightly Sbm let s video chat b a b s or better party time Friday. Noah Wyle is not a doctor, but he plays one on TV. World War I was still raging and radio had not yet become a popu- lar medium.

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